How Primers affect the overall painting?

We might have come across the term primers many times in house painting context. But very few of us might actually know the exact use and importance of primers. Primer is a layer of coating that is applied to materials that have to be painted. If primers are applied then it will increase the life of paint and its look. Let us throw more light on the uses, importance, and types of primers which are available in the market. Need of primer before painting Primer can be used for Proper adhesion of paint to the painted surface. The paint applied on the respective surface will be long lasting will primer are applied prior painting. It seals any pores or small openings and gives a shiny touch after painting job. It can, to some extent, can reduce the peeling and cracking of paint. Types Of Primers Available In Market Drywall primer: The new drywalls will be soaking paint and there will be unevenness in the painted surface as some area may soak more and others may soak less. To get an even appearance for your wall, you can, by all means, use Dry Wall Priers. Wood Primers: Wood primers increase the lifespan of wooden materials and help in proper adhesion. Stain Blocking Primer: Satin blocking primers are applied when paintings are required overtop of crayon marker or grease or recolouring over a dark color. Is It necessary to prime before painting?? Applying primer over new surfaces might reduce the amount of paint being absorbed by the surface. You dont have to prime previously painted surface if it is in good condition. Moreover, interior repainting doesnt need priming except where there is a stain or the color you are applying is different from the one you have applied. There is an option where you get the paint and primer in one product and it will be suited for previously painted interior surfaces that are in good condition, but most other situations, especially on exterior projects, require a separate coat of primer.
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