Pressure Grouting


Pressure grouting is defined as an injection under pressure of fluid material into fractures and cavities in rock, soils or artificial structures.Foundation problems such as vibration, leakage, water cut-off, deficient bearing and others encountered in new construction or existing structures can often be solved by pressure grouting using cement or chemical grout. Many structures and floors have been raised back to original elevation by a controlled grouting program.

How Pressure Grouting Works?

The initial step in pressure grouting is to determine the locations of the desired holes to be drilled that will best stabilize the foundation. Once the desired location for the holes has been determined, the drilling is done. Concrete grout is then pumped into the holes at high pressure until the concrete comes into contact with the existing foundation. While the concrete is pumped into the drilled holes, the hydraulic lifts maintain an even surface. As soon as the void beneath the foundation surface has been filled properly, the holes are refilled.

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